• Starting February 8th at 9AM, the EMS Web App will be located at the following new URL:
  • If you have the Web App bookmarked, you will need to update your bookmark after February 8th in order to continue using the Web App
Request a Major Event Space
  • You can now submit event requests for major event spaces through the EMS Web App!
Video Tutorials

Room Reservations

Room Requests
  • If you already have an EMS Web App account, please click the "My Home" tab to Sign In
  • If you do not have an account, please submit an Account Request Form
  • If you have any questions or comments about this system please contact

Van Reservations

Van Requests
  • If you require access to an account for van rental purposes, please submit an Account Request 
  • Requirements for van rental privileges have more restrictions and are outlined on the DPS Website 
  • You cannot have a Web App account without a department invoice number for van rentals to be charged to
  • The user guide for reserving vans can be found on the DPS Website